About VJF

Ventura Jubilee Fellowship, A Church in Ventura, California

Our Mission

Pastor Leonard Dewitt

Soaring For Christ:

  • REACHING Our Community in Ventura County for Christ

  • PROCLAIMING The Gospel At Every Opportunity

  • PRAYING To See Our Community Living For Christ

  • SERVING Others With Hearts of Compassion

Ventura Jubilee Fellowship Church Logo Mark

Our Values

  • We Are A Welcoming Church

  • We Are A Traditional Church

  • We Exercise Our Faith

  • We Lean On God For Everything

  • We Are A Prayerful People

  • We Are Shaped By God’s Love

  • We Are A Loving Church

  • We Are For All Generations

  • We Are Generous

  • We Are A Serving Church

  • We Are All About Jesus

Our Church Bylaws

Our Denomination

Our Articles of Faith

The Bible says, “Except the Lord builds the house, we labor in vain that build it.” That is why prayer is so important. We should get our vision, mission, and passion from the Lord. That happens when we seek Him and spend time with Him.

―Leonard DeWitt - Senior Pastor

“Jubilee members are happy, older Christians, fun-loving, energetic and always ready to help. They love to sing and get together for meals and travel. Ventura Jubilee Fellowship is a happy church!”

―Pat A - VJF member

“I love the word JUBILEE and its concept of celebration”

―Leonard DeWitt - Senior Pastor

“I am convinced that when God sees that we are serious about seeking Him, we will begin to experience His favor as never before. I hope you will join me in prayer.”

―Leonard DeWitt - Senior Pastor

“Folks, you can’t out-give God. His shovel is way bigger than your trowel. The choice for me is clear ... will I rob God by keeping what is His and using it for myself OR will I honor Him in giving Him tithes and offerings and discover how big His shovel really is. YOUR CHOICE.”

―Leonard DeWitt - Senior Pastor

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