Care & Prayer

At VJF Church we are a prayerful people, we lean on God for everything.

VJF Missions Prayer Requests


Joshua & Missy Saune

World Partners Peru

  • Pray that God gives wisdom to the doctors as to why Joshua’s sodium level continues to drop. Pray his and Missy's health improves as they travel to Peru.
  • Pray for God’s blessing on a new pilot program with two churches in Peru whereby they train pastors to train parents (fathers) to teach the Word to their children using Deuteronomy 6:5-7 as their guideline.
  • Pray for their ability to raise funds needed next year for training and follow-up with their pastors and ministry leaders. They give all praise to God.
  • Pray for the health of Joshua’s mother Maria in Peru and her caretakers Reyna and Willy.
Woman with boy fishing

The Lighthouse

For Women & Children

  • We are in need of additional staff. Pray that God will add to us qualified women who love Jesus and have a heart for the women and children we serve.
  • Pray that God supplies all of our financial needs. We are 100% donation funded.
  • The holiday season is hard for the women and children we serve. They miss their families and a home of their own. Some of the women don’t have their own children and it’s especially hard on them. Pray for our Heavenly Father's peace and comfort.
  • Pray that God will bring women to our shelters and programs. We can then meet their needs, give them community, and most importantly, the chance to present the gospel to them.

MCUSA Pray First! Prayer Focus & World Partners

Pray First Prayer Focus



As Christ-followers, we have the incredible privilege of joining together in sharing the Good News of the Prince of Peace in a world that is at war on so many fronts. Walking as Jesus walked means making the Prince of Peace known in our world and calling others to follow Him so that they might enjoy His peace. It means walking with those we disciple as Jesus walked with those He discipled. As we pray this month, consider the many ways in which the Prince of Peace impacts each of our lives.
Use these Scriptures and prayers as prompts and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to pray about sharing the Peace of Christ.
WP July


As you are considering your year-end giving, we hope you will keep the World Partners Global Initiative in mind! The Global Initiative was created in response to a growing shift in how God is working through World Partners. Increasingly, inspired international leaders are changing the face of our ministry, allowing us to expand our reach into many places not accessible by North American missionaries.

Pray with us this week:

  • Ask   God   to   heal   the   many    VJF   members  struggling   with   pain,   cancer,   or   the   side  effects   of   chemotherapy,   and   other  physical   and   mental  health issues.
  • Pray   for   our   pastors   as   they   share   the  Word.   Ask   God’s   Spirit   to   move   within  them,   giving   them   boldness   and   clarity   as  they   speak.   Ultimately,   pray   that   God  is  glorified   through   them.
  • Pray   for   God’s   deliverance  in   Ukraine,   His  will   to   be   done   with   regard   to  Iran   and   for  peace  in  Israel   and   among   the   Jewish  people.
  • Pray   for   Ukrainian   families   suffering   from  the   trauma   of   losing   their   homes   and  loved   ones,   and   the   many   missionaries  who   are   tending   to   both   their   spiritual   and  physical   needs   each   day.
  • For our missionaries,  pray for their strength and perseverance to run the race;   that   the   Lord   will   bring  people   across   their   path   who   would  encourage   and   uplift   them.
  • Pray for   God’s provision over their family and ministry;   for His protection against illness,  injury,   and danger.
  • Pray   that   the  joy  of   the   Lord   will   sustain  our   missionaries  in   every   trial   and  setback;   that   the   light   of   God   would  shine   through   them,   lifting   darkness   and  oppression   as   they   share   His   love.
  • Ask the   Lord to make   fertile   ground   and  prepare   hearts   to   receive   the   gospel;   that  He   set   up   divine   appointments   and   open  doors   for   ministry   that   only   He   can   make  possible.